The Intellectuals' Challenge

University of Cambridge

20-23 April 2018

A Global ONLINE Competition for Students aged 14-18

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The Intellectuals’ Challenge (TIC) is an exciting international competition for students aged 14 to 18. We aim to inspire intellectual curiosity in every young mind. Over four days, students come together at the University of Cambridge to participate in a series of team and individual challenges revolving around a central theme. This year’s theme is “Failure: Road to Success”.

Team Challenges

Knowledge Challenge

Pen Down Challenge

Speech-Craft Challenge

Team Spirit Challenge

Individual Challenges

Creative Writing Challenge

Photography Challenge

Painting Challenge

Short Film Challenge


Inspiring the intellectual curiosity in every young individual

The Intellectuals’ Challenge (TIC) is an interactive event where young intellectual minds meet to share their ideas and expand their knowledge together. Read more…

The Intellectuals’ Challenge is rooted in the desire to give young people a chance to grow as individuals in every capacity. We feel youthful minds should be given the opportunity to expand and share their knowledge in a stimulating environment, which is exactly what the Challenge is all about! Read more…

We aim to rekindle the intellectual light in every young person. Young intellectuals are agents of change across the globe. Read more…

The Intellectuals’ Challenge: an international competition for students aged 14-18

Curiosity is a joy forever because with it, you will never be bored! It is a key trait that the brightest minds share, whether that is an interest in the lives of other people, wanting to understand how space flight works or why Shakespeare was, and remains, so popular. The Intellectuals’ Challenge is an international competition to tap into and encourage this curiosity in young people…

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The subjects in TIC aim to help the young intellectual minds prepare themselves for the team and individual challenges. You may find more information and our recommendations about this year’s theme “Failure: Road to Success” under each subject category below.


Failure: Road to Success

THEME OF THE YEAR 2019 to be announced soon!

“Anyone who has never made a mistake
has never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein


A group of three students form a team and work cooperatively to become successful in all the tasks. Everyone in the team must choose his/her favourite subject to focus on and participate in all four challenges.


Individual Challenges are open to all individuals except for the ones participating in Team Challenges. Participants can only attend in one of the four Individual Challenges. All Individual Challenges are based on the theme of the year,  and we ask that all completed work is linked to the theme.

The Intellectuals’ Challenge

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The venue of the finals in 2018 was the University of Cambridge.
The calendar of upcoming events will be published here soon…

The Intellectuals’ Challenge (TIC) is held as local and global challenges. This year’s calendar will be announced soon. The local challenges take place in different countries around the world. Global challenges will take place at the University of Cambridge, UK and at the Harvard University, USA. Read more…

The participation fees will be announced soon…

Early-Owl, Standard-Owl and Late-Owl-Rates will be available.

The deadline for the registration will be 3 weeks before each event.Read more…

Medals, trophies, certificates and lots of lovely owls 🙂 Read more…

The Intellectuals’ Challenge
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