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TIC Local Challenges: Host Application Form

Partnership with TIC

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We are happy to see your interest in hosting a TIC Local Challenge! We aim to make The Intellectuals’ Challenge even more wide reaching and inclusive by hosting local and global challenges. The upcoming global challenges will be held in Switzerland, Australia, the UK and the USA with the theme: “Creativity: Beyond the Borders”. However, it is the local challenges that we would like your help with. We hope to expand our network of partner schools and together, we can ensure the success of the local challenges.

This form will provide us with information about your school’s/institution’s facilities in order to carry out a successful local challenge in your premises. We are excited to inspire intellectual curiosity and improve academic success in young minds with your invaluable cooperation. Let’s unlock their potential, build self-confidence, develop collaborative teamwork skills and create new friendships together!

Do you have wireless internet available in your school/institution?

What are your most available dates for hosting the event?